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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tutorial Elegantly Folded Rose Card

Rose Card Fold diagram.

Elegantly folded rose card fold diagram. Start with a 12x12" c.s. ( a good quality that won't crack ). Score vertically at 3 & 9. Turn1/4 and score again at 3 & 9------Now mark the exact center of your page and fold the four corners into the center one at a time, crease and unfold.-----Take each corner and fold it into the opposite corner of it's little square and make one more crease. The points now at N,S,E,W, fold into the center of the paper and at the same time try to guide the corners into little squares. This does take practice and patience. I would use patterned paper until you get it down pat. You will be so proud of yourself. Unfold again and start with your corner punch and punch all 4 corners then carefully come down the sides of your paper. If you make a small error you probably can correct it by cutting out another loop and pasting it on the error. This card is so busy you won't notice. The center is a card face I made and adhered to the center. You can use anywhere from a 5" to a 6". trim if necessary. You will cut your decorative triangles by starting with a 5 1/2" square, cut this in half, in 1/4ths. How many? Depends on your layout design. Sometimes you will have to trim to fit, especially your outside corners.

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  1. fantastic! Now lets just hope this old woman can do it LOL, thanks for sharing!

  2. Eeek....I love a challenge and I think this is right up my alley. Wish me luck ;)

  3. I would love to try this, but it seems so complicated, your directions seem great but I don't fully understand them, but your finished product looks FANTASTIC, wonderful job. May try it, but think I would get very frustrated. If you ever do a video of it, please let me know!!!